Wednesday, February 18, 2009

They're Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!


Action Item #1: W

Action Item #2: T

Action Item #3: F

OK, so basically WTF applies only to the last minute of the show, when Jin Chap Lip shows up in the Dharma Scooby Doo Bus with shotgun in tow. What year is it? Is it the past? Is it the future? Oh I know what time it is, it's half past WTF.

Gin & Tonic Break

Action Item #4: Complaint
Why, why, WHY must they cut to commercial right before some steamy Jack-Kate lovin'? Hmmm? Oh sure, why would we want to see that? No, you're right, we'd much rather see nosebleeds and chapped lips. Come ON people, give me something I can work with here!

Action Item #Five: Welcome Back, Kotter
Kotter in this case being Bloody Ben. I was sort of drifting, do we know who turned him into a bloody pulp this time? I'm sure they said it, I just tend to zone in and out and accidentally hit mute and not realize it for twenty minutes, that sort of thing. Anyhoo, whoever clobbered him, I'd like to shake their hand. Bloody Ben reminds me of the good old days, aka that one season where his face was black and blue and yellow for the entire time. Oh here I go getting nostalgic again.

Action Item #6: I'll Take A Pound of Ground Beef and a Cadaver, Please
I have some major concerns about the health code violations involved with storing bodies in coffins in the back room of a butcher shop. Sure, the meat smells and freezing temperatures lend themselves to body storage, but nevertheless, I'm sure the health department would like to hear about this.

Action Item #Six + One: Jack "Imelda Marcos" Shephard
What's the deal with Jack's father's shoes? And swapping them out for Locke's Loafers? All I got out of that was that Jack has an apparent shoe fetish. And I'm sure there's more to it than that.

Action Item #Ate: "I Wish You Would Have Believed Me"
Nice suicide letter. You know, even in death, Locke is kind of a bitch. But of course, it causes some quiver lip crying out of Jack, so I'm happy. I'll give him something to cry about... sorry, the rage is bubbling.

Questions & Answers

Questions That Cannot Be Answered

Answers to Questions That No One Asked

Pancake Breakfast



  1. I loved this episode - I finally feel like things are coming together!

    Jin looked freshly showered with his neatly pressed Dharma outfit on, so I am guessing he is in the past, pretending he is one of them. My personal theory is that he is the son of the guy from the training video.

    I think Ben killed Penny. In last season's finale, Ben told Charles Widmore that he would kill her. I think he followed Desmond after he left the Church. He said "I promised an old friend I would do something."

    Who do you think Kate gave Aaron to? Claire's mother?

    Check out this website for Ajira Airlines... pretty interesting:

  2. Hello... anyone there? hello.

    Is this thing on?

  3. Remember the days when Blogs were updated in timely fashion? Those were good times...