Thursday, February 12, 2009

Talk Amongst Yourselves

Ok, Ok, Ok...everyone calm down. Do not panic. Now is not the time to turn on each other. If we can't live together on this blog, we're gonna die alone (oh wait, I think that's the island...when did I start talking like Jack??).

Anyhoo, in response to Anonymous' terrifyingly angry rant (see comments from last week's post; restraining order being drafted as we speak), I would like to sincerely apologize for the lack of an agenda this week. The Dharma gases got me and I was very ill for the last several days (I knew those nosebleeds meant something bad!). And as you may or may not know, the funny glands are located in the sinuses, and when the sinuses are infected, so are the funny glands. Thus, I was rendered unfunny, and we were rendered blog-less, or sans-blog, your choice.

I would like to invite any interested parties to be this week's guest blogger. Write up an agenda, send it to me, and I'll post it and even add a pretty picture that may or may not relate to the agenda contents (it might just be a picture of sinuses).

In the meantime, I leave you with the following talking points (I'll have you know I did watch the episode, and it's a lot easier to follow when I don't have a laptop in one hand...):

1.) Jin Chap Lips -- I'm glad he's back. You know why? Because he's kind of hot. Even with the terrible need for a Blistex. I like scenes with Jin Chap Lip and Shirtless Sawyer just fine. However, last night's episode was All Jin, All the Time. Is everyone else on vacation?

2.) Moment of silence for NoseBleed. Ok, that'll do.

3.) I think I fell asleep with maybe 10 or so minutes to go. What'd I miss? Let me guess, a flash of light and some time travel?


No refreshments will be served this week since this is not an official meeting. Hey, times are tough. We're in austerity mode.


  1. OK, so I was hanging in there until this week. I was a little upset when Nosebleed told Daniel that she's been to the island before and she remembers him being there and being scared of him. He also told her to never return because she would die. Then we find out that the old lady lighting candles, who BTW was also the woman who gave Desmond the wedding ring for Penny,is Daniel's mother AND the woman who Ben was looking for to bring them back to the island. AGHHHHHH! I am starting to believe that J.J. Abrams does not really have any plan for this show and just makes stuff up as he goes along.

    Disgruntled Viewer

  2. oh FOR SHAME thee and thou of little faith! JJ abandoned ship long ago and considering what a mess he made of Alias, I'm more confident in Lindelhof/Cruise - the producers that took over from Abrams back in season 1. You may now bow at my font of knowledge!

    Since our blog-leader (mashup = bleader) is subject to island sickness, allow me to say how much I enjoyed the gore and action-packed epi last night. Bloody limbs? check! rotting corpses? check! shooting husbands and wives? check check! We even got some answers - Charlotte was born on the island, Faraday is a 2-timing time jumpin lady killah and Faraday's mom (aka Stifler's Mom) was island book club lady AND Desmond's soothsayer. Are you following me?

    How am I still hanging in with this show? Since its a ride, baby. I trust the writers, I love the characters and darnit people, its just better than anything on tv, like ever, infinity.

    And yes, I am drinking the koolaid and its good.

  3. tlo, you know I bow at your font of knowledge, but in this case I think the fountain has just a little bit of pee in's Cuse, not Cruise! But hey, that's why I bow at the font, and not bathe in it...

    Welcome to a new commenter, who goes by the cryptic handle "Melinda". We support you in your disgruntledness. We celebrate you. We are here for you.

    Finally, I am distraught right now because I meant to use the phrase "What's that Lassie? Locke is in the well?" in this week's agenda, but totally forgot. Man, that would have killed.

  4. OK. I am a little late to the game because vee in Finland are gettink the shows later than een Amerika. Please to pardon my Englisk.

    I liked it. I really did. I am glad Nosebleeds finally kicked it but did anyone else besides me think she was Australian the whole time? I had no idea she was supposed to be British.

    I thought the rude French guy getting his arm ripped off was a nice touch. And I like the whole smoke monster bit. I was slightly bugged by the fact that if Rousseau was there for so long herself, how did she NOT run out of bullets at any point since she was shooting everyone left and right?

    And now the creepy old lady who was also a super creepy old lady in "The Others" is back. OK. Let's see what happens.

    I still think the wheel is kinda rickety and lame but hey. They painted themselves in that corner. I think all the plot twists are cool but yeah, they have no idea what they are doing. I like it though. That makes it fun.

  5. where is the post? I can't wait!!!!