Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Where We Left Off...

I wish I hadn't found this. It brought up all sorts of painful memories from last season. I'm not sure I'm strong enough to go back to the island...

February 2008

An Open Letter to JJ Abrams

Dear JJ,

How dare you play with my heart again. After all we have been through. You promised, PROMISED things would be different this time. "It's cool, baby, it's not like Alias", you used to say, with your dark curly hair and delightfully geeky horn rimmed glasses. "I won't hurt you again, I promise. That whole 'let's destroy SD-6 and basically retool this whole series to capture a bigger audience thing' was a mistake. It didn't mean anything. I was thinking of you the whole time." Oh, how I believed every word.

But you...youuuuu...I should have known that I couldn't change you. It's my own fault really. I left, I found the strength to walk away. And I thought of you, I thought of you so often. Every Thursday night at 9 I'd wonder what you were doing. Were you with other fans? But I was strong, I didn't look back. And then this winter...I missed you so much. And those ads you took out on TV...little 30 second love letters dedicated to me and only me...telling me of all the fun we could have this every second would be exciting, explosive even! And truth be told, I was lonely. Oh sure I had some fun -- a LOT of fun, don't you kid yourself mister -- with shows like House Hunters, Reba reruns, and Food Network till I puked. But it wasn't like it was with you. So I decided to try and love you again. And I came back to you.

And you're right, it was fun for the first few weeks. Exciting. Explosive. Yada. But you started drifting again last week. You were all over the place. And then tonight. When you...I can't even say it...give me a minute...I promised myself I wouldn't cry...when I found out about the time travel...
What kind of a sicko are you? You need to get your head together, mister.

Well hardy har har, huh? I guess the joke is on me. Because here I am, surrounded by empty gin bottles, chain smoking and rocking back and forth in the fetal position. Just like old times, huh JJ? Well let me tell you, if I walk away again, I am never coming back. Never! DON'T YOU LAUGH AT ME! You can be so cruel sometimes.

I'll say this once, and just once... You better figure out what you want, mister. LOOK AT ME WHEN I'M TALKING TO YOU! You straighten up and treat me like the f'ing lady that I am or I'm outta here. And then we'll just see who's LOST, won't we?

Where are my limes...........

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  1. Geez, what ever did happen to Vincent the Dog?